We design diverse digital products

Bien helps clients achieve business goals by expanding their digital presence. Our tight-knit team will lead your design, strategy or branding project with passion and expertise.

Improving and streamilining

We help clients with established products and services rethink existing features or modules. Building on existing legacy and style guides, we love exploring new approaches and angles in order to provide a fresh outlook for long lasting solutions.

Launching and establishing

Bien works with startups to help establish their brand voice, develop digital strategies and create unique user experiences. We handle your early-stage needs by building strong foundations for your brand. No matter which stage you are at, we offer support in all things related to branding, strategy, UI and UX.

Advising and consulting

With over 8 years of expertise in the domain of digital design, Bien offers a valuable perspective into existing digital products or product ideas. Alongside our know-how, we approach every project with passion and curiosity because we believe the best ideas come from an open mind.

Our approach

Custom tailored teams

We believe each project offers a unique challenge, which is why we assign a custom-fit team of design and product experts to every project with the aim of collaborating closely with clients in building, launching or scaling ideas.

Transparent expertise

Succesful collaboration is built on trust, which is why we believe in transparency and open communication. We stick to project timelines and deadlines, and overcome unforeseen challenges by communicating and adapting on the spot, offering clients expert services based on honesty.

Goal oriented

We value long term business relationships because because we believe it takes time to create meaningful digital solutions. Our core focus is on achieving tangible design results defined in close collaboration with clients.

Comprehensive insight

At Bien, we love diving deep into new topics, which is why we begin every project with a discovery workshop in order to discover the why behind the how. Our aim is to get a complete understanding of a clients' business environment, vision and goals in order to provide one of a kind solutions based on know-how and inisight.



  • Discovery workshops
  • Design workshops
  • Product analysis
  • Discovery work
  • User stories
  • Customer & market research
  • Feature ideation


  • Positioning
  • Visual identity
  • Brand guideliness


  • Design system
  • User experience design
  • Wireframes
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing


How long will our project run?

The duration of a project depends on its scope and our team's availability. Once we get briefed on your needs and expectations in a short meeting or call, we propose a detailed timeline with working hour estimates for each project phase in the form of a proposal document.

Do we need a visual identity?

A visual identity includes a logo, colors, typography and other visual elements. If you already have a visual identity, we can work with established materials along existing style guides. If you are building a new product or are simply looking to refresh your visual identity we offer a range of design and redesign services.

Do we need a discovery workshop?

At Bien, every collaboration begins with a discovery workshop, consisting of several meetings where we get to hear your story. This helps us learn more about you as a client, your expectations and where we fit into the picture. It is also where you meet your project team, including your contact points, learn about our creative process, and have some fun on the way.

Do you offer development services?

We don't have an internal development team, but we often work with devs and can connect with our partners. Design handoff to the development team is an integral part of our service, as we always designate several working hours following the design project to ensure the development goes as specified in the design. We call this step the design review, which is a key phase where we make sure everything goes according to plan!