How and why we play around with experiments

Jun 26 2024
Ivan Bjelajac

Experiments are exciting. What’s gonna come out of the other end of an unknown process that’s “never been done” before?

This sounds a bit over the top, but going crazy and producing something cool really gives us that zip of energy kids feel when discovering something cool and new.

Why it matters

To put it simply, doing something you’ve never tried before expands your horizons and skills. It builds self confidence. It fosters creativity and innovation. We love that moment when something cool happens and everyone gathers around a screen and looks in awe.

With the advent of AI as a coding helper, it’s much more easier to try out rough ideas or use AI to help you refine an idea. Here are a couple of interactive examples we developed using either p5.js.

A responsive poster

We tied limb movements to the hue of colors in the poster making it responsive and dynamic. Playing around with the range of hues gives very different results but we find keeping it in a narrow field of colors makes it much more aesthetically nice.

Hand tracking

We wanted to test out a hand tracked poster with a decay effect. We connected the decay worm to one hand and played around with different color combinations and decay lengths.

Touch gradients

The last experiment we wanted to show off is definitely a mouthful. A web hosted touchscreen gesture tracking decay-worm-rainbow. We hosted it on our website and posted it for 24 hours on our Instagram story for our followers to play with.  Everyone definitely got some really fun results.

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